Westsingel Corporate Law | Corporate Governance is a legal consultancy specialising in providing legal guidance on corporate acquisitions, (dis)investments, mergers and demergers, and advising on corporate law issues and corporate governance.

With years of experience within the notarial, legal and corporate sectors as a basis, Westsingel can approach your project or assignment from multiple angles.

It all started in Amersfoort in 2008. On Westsingel, in the city centre of Amersfoort, Theo Boskma started his own business. Initially, he focused on legal guidance for mergers and acquisitions, but soon he was also called in to advise on issues relating to operations and decision-making within complexly structured organisations.

Westsingel operates under several labels: Westsingel Ondernemingsrecht®, Westsingel Corporate Governance®, Westsingel Legal Services® and Westsingel Bedrijfsjuridisch Advies®.


Westsingel is the consultancy firm of K.T. Boskma LL.M.. Theo studied Dutch and notarial law at the University of Groningen. After his studies, he worked successively at the Amsterdam based law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V. and the Utrecht based law firm Van Benthem & Keulen N.V..

Since 2008, Theo has provided legal (advisory) services to large companies, banking institutions and (international) law firms as an independent advisor – and sometimes in cooperation with other (legal) professionals. An overview of a selection of clients can be found on this page.

Theo is a member of the Dutch Association of Corporate Counsel (NGB). He is also a member of the supervisory board of Stichting Scholengroep Veluwezoom and an active volunteer at Focus Filmtheater in Arnhem.

Westsingel Legal Services ©

Whereas in 2008 and subsequent years Westsingel still concentrated entirely on company law and mergers and takeovers, it has now grown into a consultancy firm that can advise you on many issues. For instance, you can turn to Westsingel if you feel that the decision-making process within your company or organisation needs improvement, but also if there are disturbed relations within the company management.

Westsingel operates under several labels:

  • Corporate Law | Legal Services

Westsingel can act as manager of large legal projects. Examples include mergers, company takeovers, share transfers, asset-liability transactions, restructurings and reorganisations. As a legal expert, Westsingel guides the project and unburdens your organisation.

  • Corporate governance

Over the years, Westsingel has built up a wealth of experience in the field of corporate governance. Westsingel is called in by companies and organisations that want to set up governance properly. Westsingel is a discussion partner for directors and supervisors, and helps tackle dilemmas and ethical issues. You can also engage Westsingel as a consultant to scrutinise and optimise your decision-making process.

  • Corporate legal advice

Naturally, Westsingel can also advise and support you in drafting and/or assessing partnership agreements (general partnership, limited liability company and partnership), commercial contracts (internal and external), shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements. Westsingel also mediates or advises in shareholder conflicts (as mediatior or party advisor), and/or inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber.

If you have any questions about (the scope of) our services, please do not hesitate to contact Westsingel.



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